Please feel free to contact us using any of the contact information listed below or use the contact form on this page.

Address:                       1201 N. Perkins Street, Appleton, WI  54914

Phone:                          920-739-6511

Fax:                              920-739-7794


Should you choose to submit blueprints via email, we ask that you use the following file formats, *.dxf, *.igs, *.PDF, *.X_T, Solidworks Native Files

Call ahead to ensure we have received your prints intact and arrange a time to review your quote. 

We would ask that you fax/mail a hard copy to compare with your 
digital image in order to ensure any conversions occurred correctly. 
Additionally, we have the capability to view and print .dwg files and ask that if you use AutoCad for design, save the file in a *.dxf format should you 
need us to manipulate the design.